Things Not to Stick to the Roof of Your Car !!! Travel Made Easier With A Roof Rack

Sometimes you may have too much stuff to move from one place to another you will not have enough room inside your car to fit it all. In normal circumstances, a roof rack is the most logical solution to this problem. But sometimes this is a really bad decision and you should make some alternative arrangements for its transport. You may be ferrying your child to university, or coming back from a booze cruise but nothing is worth taking the risk with road safety.

Things Not to Stick to the Roof of Your Car
Things Not to Stick to the Roof of Your Car

Top Heavy

Heavy bulky objects such as sofas, wardrobes, safes, and boxes of alcohol will all make your car top heavy. This means that the center of gravity is above your head and when you go into a corner, that weight drags the car away from the bend, putting pressure on your suspension, your tires and in bad weather can cause you to lose control. The amount of money you can spend on repairs can far out-weight the amount you saved cramming everything into, or onto, your car for the journey.

Get A Taxi

There are many things you should not stick to the roof of your car. One way to avoid the need to do this would be to get a taxi. One thing Belfast taxis can offer for instance is a large people carrier which is as good as a van and when used along with your car, can get you to your destination – especially if you are looking for Belfast city airport taxis. You even get a driver too!

What You Can

If you really don’t want to fork out that extra for a Belfast taxi or a removal van and you insist on using a roof rack, you should follow these guidelines. Put all your heaviest items inside your car. This will keep the weight down and avoid the top-heavy scenario. Only put your lightest, flattest things on the roof and make sure they are a securely tied down as possible. Make your roof rack package as streamlined as possible. You don’t want your valuable catching in the wind and sailing off across the motorway at 70mph.


The main dangers which arise when using a roof rack are caused by badly secured or overloaded payloads. Depending on what you have on your roof, the dangers can be extreme. So…things not to stick to the roof of your car include people, animals, large furniture, valuables, loose materials and tall things like trees. In these circumstances, the people of cities like Belfast will appreciate you using a van or a cab Belfast trusts.

Travel Made Easier With A Roof Rack

Travel Made Easier With A Roof Rack
Travel Made Easier With A Roof Rack

If you are someone who likes to make vehicle traveling trips and are always worried about how you would squeeze in all your sporting equipment and essentials, then a roof rack might just be the answer to your problem.

With the help of a roof rack, you can carry almost everything from a suitcase to bulkier items such as kayaks, canoes, camping equipment, and fishing gear without using the passenger space.

The market is flooded with options for roof racks but if your vehicle already has factory roof rails all that is needed is a bar to attach to the side rails. These racks consist of a clamp around the rail to which is also attached to cross bars. They are easily fitted

There are other types of racks that have straps that attach to the roof mounts to hold it firmly to the edge of the roof. The crossbar is attached to the stand which makes a complete assembly.

Car design is a key factor in determining the roof rack to be chosen. If your vehicle has rain gutters then you will need a roof rack that will fit into the gutter and also is mindful that the height of the support is related to the height of the roof. Some roof heights may be as low as 130mm while others may need a height of 290mm. Newer model passenger vehicles generally are not made with rain gutters

Vehicles that do not have a rain gutter are designed for attachments, or straps, that are fixed to the roof mount and cross bars. Straps are not universal and must be selected to suit the make and year model of the vehicle, which the rack manufacturer will specify. It is possible that when changing vehicles the same rack can be used if the mount is comparable to the replacement vehicle simply by fitting a different strap specified for the vehicle

Before you purchase a roof rack it would be desirable that you discuss your requirements with experienced roof rack specialists to ensure that the rack is suitable for your needs and also meets the manufacturer’s requirements.

All said and done every vehicle has a load limit and mostly the load rating is quite low, therefore any increase in height and load may affect the stability of the vehicle If you take for example the Prado which has a load limit of 100kgs, 2/3 of it would be 66kgs and if you deduct the weight of a basket, if fitted, with a weight of up to 30kgs you are only left with 36kgs of payload.

For safe motoring do not overload your vehicle and always make frequent checks to ensure the load has not moved due to the movement of the vehicle and also if straps have been used they have remained tight.

When carrying a canoe or kayak the front of the item should be fastened by a rope to the front bumper of the vehicle to prevent the load lifting due to wind pressure.