Roofing Styles and Types for Homes

A roof is the most useful element of your house so let us make it beautiful. The roof types are made for specific needs, therefore, you should choose the best which suits your house. The roofing styles differ in shape and size and it depends on the type of renovation you need for your house.

Style and Types of Roofs for Houses
Style and Types of Roofs for Houses

There are many types of roofs that can be used for a house, the most common types are described below:

  1. Shed
    This is a streamlined shaped roof which is used for contemporary style houses. It is the most common type of roof used in houses.
  2. Mansard
    This type of roof creates extra space when fitted on your house. These roofs are flatter on the top and slope vertically down on all sides. People still used these types of roofs for their houses to get that royal touch.
  3. Gable
    These are the most common type of roofs which have two straight slopes from the edge of the roof which meets together. This type of structure creates a peak at the top of your house. Because of the unique structure, it does not allow the rain water to settle on the top of the house instead it flows down to the bottom.
  4. Cross-Gable
    A cross-gable roof has two or more gable roofs coming together at right angles. Many traditional homes have this stylish update to the simple gable.
  5. Hipped-roofs
    These have an even roof-to-wall junction. These types of roofs have eaves on all sides. These are suitable for bad weather conditions and provides extra durability to the house. It provides protection against strong winds or hurricanes.
  6. Saltbox
    The saltbox roof is a variation of the gable. The front of the house has two stories, with a single story to the back. To accommodate this setup, the front of the gable is shorter and steeper than the long, shallower run that covers the back. Also called a catslide, this roof is traditional in New England homes.
  7. Hip
    The hip roof has four sides, all with the same slope. The longer sides come up to a ridgeline with the shorter sides ending at a point at the ends of that ridgeline. This roof was common in the 60s and 70s subdivisions.
  8. Pyramid
    A pyramid roof is a hip roof that, instead of meeting at the ridgeline, the sides meet at a peak. Some of these roofs have equal side lengths and the same slope while others have different slopes and side lengths. This style has been seen since ancient Egypt.
  9. Gambrel
    A gambrel roof is much like a mansard except instead of having a roof surface on all four sides, the angles are only on two sides. The other two sides are flat similar to the end of a gable roof. This style is often found in French or Dutch-influenced neighborhoods.
  10. Flat
    A flat roof consists of a single plane on a building with little or no angle. While there is some debate, most roofs with 10 degrees or less in slop are considered flat. This is popular for commercial buildings.
  11. Barrel Roof
    A barrel roof is a half-cylinder shape that runs the length of the roof. It works well over a rectangular building.
  12. Dome Roof
    A circular building needs a roof that looks like half of a globe.

Which style of roof suits your taste?
If you live in an area which needs protection from winds then you should choose hipped roofs. On the other hand, if you live in areas of high rainfall then you should choose Gable roofs for your house. Remember, the type of roof you choose often lays the structure of your house.

Roof Styles for Your House

Roof Style for Your Home
Roof Style for Your Home

It happens quite often that people get so engrossed in designing and building the house that they completely forget about the roof styles and its importance. In case you are also heading towards something like that then let me remind you that the roof of your house is the most prominent aspect of your house and can make all the difference between an attractive, outstanding house and an ordinary, run of the mill house. If you are building a very complex, extraordinary house, then you need an extraordinary roof style too to complete the look. Otherwise, you can’t get a balanced, complete look to your house. But do keep in mind that the more outstanding complex home you are building, the more your costs will go up. Hence you must keep in mind the cost and affordability factor while building your house.

Types of roofs

There are many types of roof styles. They are called hip on gable, gambrel, hip, pyramid, and gable and so on. The simple gable roof style is, however, the most basic and the cheapest to install. It is very popular and small houses which are rectangular in shape opt for this roof style. The two main surfaces of the roof angle upwards and meet each other at the peak. Thus the roof has a slope. It is very easy to install because while you are installing this roof style you don’t need to cut and fit the shingles in different shapes, you just lay them in long rows. This cuts down the costs also. On the other hand, if there is a lot of cutting and fitting required then obviously the costs of installation will go up according to the complexity of the work.

Stylist Roofs

A simple basic designed roof style can also be made to look stylish. Just because you have chosen something basic doesn’t mean that it has to look drab and dreary. You can change the appearance of the roof style to something more attractive and eye-catching by simply selecting a more stylish in color, shape and texture roofing material.

Many homeowners have found to their surprise and happiness that they could keep the building and installation costs low by opting for a basic roofing style and using higher end shingles so that the roofs looked more elegant and opulent. Higher end shingles can convert your regular roof style to something fancier and dressed up. The fancier, high-end shingles do cost you more than the regular shingles but they turn out to be cheaper than the installation of expensive, complex roofing styles.

If you are not sure regarding the roof style that would look good on your house and are finding it difficult to make up your mind then the best thing to do is drive down the neighborhood slowly. Go to the different localities and see what they have used for their roofs. Notice the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Notice how old roof styles look different from the new modern roof styles, and also notice how people have used different materials to dress up and accentuate the simple roofs at reasonable costs.

If you think it is too cumbersome a method then the next convenient thing you can do is go to a home improvement store or the local roofing store and learn about the various roofing styles in fashion. This way you will get an idea of the styles and you can also discuss the pros and cons of each one of them with the experts out there.

Thus with a little effort, you can choose the perfect roof style for your house and get the best look for your house.